A Turning Point is Reached #4

As I have progressed through my internship, there is one particular time that I feel marked a turning point. Around the beginning of July I asked my mentor if it would be okay for me to attend lab meetings and journal club. I was very excited when the lab PI okayed it, and since then I feel like my internship experience has been greatly enriched. In journal club, I have found it very rewarding to be challenged with new content that allows me to interpret scientific papers on my own before engaging in a more in-depth discussion when the lab meets. By reading these papers, I have gained a much better idea of the types of research this lab is involved with, and my sense of the various avenues within adipocyte research in particular has been broadened as well. I recall my BIO173 GSI telling the class one day that it is important to read scientific papers frequently because it pushes you to interpret and understand scientific data and allows you to discover what research topics you are and are not interested in. After participating in journal club, I have definitely found an appreciation in this sentiment. Attending lab meetings has provided me with additional insight, as I have had the opportunity to learn about the projects each of the researchers in the lab is working on. From this I have realized that there are many ways in which adipocyte differentiation and metabolism are studied in this lab. Some researchers use mouse models for their studies and obtain histological data to show their results while others use cell culture models and deal with protein expression in different conditions. Seeing the variety of experiments done in this lab makes me excited to start doing experiments of my own some day.


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