(Almost) Back in the AA Groove | #6

I’m finishing up my last few days in Chicago and starting to get back into the school mindset. Because of the late timing of my internship, everyone else is already back in Ann Arbor. I’m having serious FOMO. But at the same time, as I walked to the train station this morning on my second to last day of work, I felt the sun shining and suddenly got sad that summer is coming to an end. I am absolutely not ready for cold weather or for exam season.

When I try to think about everything I’ve learned over the past 10 weeks, my brain gets overwhelmed. I’ve absorbed so much information and experience that there is no way to summarize it all. I was fortunate enough to work on a team that was in the process of application development, rather than a team working with a pre-existing software system. Because of this, I was able to contribute to development and QA engineering in a big way. My team has a release date of October 1st, so although I won’t be around for the final deployment, I jumped in at the perfect time for contribution. I also got experience working with a remote team as about half of the developers and one project manager are located in Colombia. Although this created barriers of communication sometimes, it was overall a great learning experience and will be a great talking point for future interviews. On the same note, I dealt with both Agile software development and Amazon Web Services: two very hot topics in the software world. These two experiences will be huge resume boosters and will definitely help me in the future. More generally, I’ve been exposed to working in an office (see blog post #4 for more info on this) and the 40 hour work week which has now proven much less intimidating.

Looking back, I’ve learned so much more in the 10 weeks that I’ve been at my company than I have in the past 2 years in school. I know that the learning curve eventually plateaus, but this summer has gotten me sufficiently excited to graduate and learn even more in the real world. However, I must admit it’s definitely crossed my mind that maybe I only enjoyed living like an adult all summer because I knew that  I didn’t have to fully commit to it yet. The thought of going back to school has always been in the back of my mind.

I’ll check back in a year to see if I am still somewhat excited about adulthood.

P.S. I’m moving back to Ann Arbor on Saturday and today is Thursday. I have plans both tonight and tomorrow night, but I haven’t even started packing yet. Maybe I’m not ready for adulthood after all.

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