Blog #6: It’s Not Goodbye, It’s I’ll See You Later

This internship allowed me to gain so much confidence in my abilities to do marketing when I was given the task to run my own marketing strategy for Latinx Heritage Month. I created the theme, logo, calendar, and online marketing strategies that would resonate with the Latinx community to come to these events. Everyone gave me the confidence and resources to make my skills in graphic design be at a professional level. Also, they allowed me to grow professionally by giving me advice and encouragement when people do not agree with my ideas or what I created. My confidence levels have increased and my work has improved which has planted a seed in my head about applying for marketing jobs in the future. I want to create my own marketing agency to improve other companies marketing in terms of cultural awareness. Or, I would like to work for a company to target their Latinx population as I am very familiar doing it. I have a lot of interest into what I want to do and have the capabilities to do, so it will be an interesting senior year as I am applying to a variety of job applications. However, all my success would not only be because of my hardworking but for La Casa who has build my skills and evolved me into the professional Latina I am today. I will continue to be involved in La Casa this year as I am continuing my work for Latinx Heritage Month. But, even after college, I hope one day I can start a partnership with La Casa and my marketing company to keep on building professional Latinx students.

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