Challenges I faced in my Internship

One thing that really surprised me during the first couple of weeks during my internship was the fact that it was really fast paced and always changing, which forced me to become adaptable in many situations. This atmosphere was very different from my campus job, where I serve as an academic success partner with OAMI.

I remember the the second day on the job I was assigned a project where I was planning workshops for people in the Mexico City community: Parents, students, teachers, etc. I had the role of organizing and planning for the workshops. But the following week, I was then assigned on a new project where I held the project lead for organizing and planning a Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Mexico City for high school students in over 200 Mexico City High schools. Then the following week I was assigned a project in which I worked with the marketing department to develop a referral program. All this in just a few weeks was overwhelming at times.

This was intense and fast pace!! But I enjoy it because I know that as a future entrepreneur I would have to be able to be adaptable and survive in a face paced environment, so this is a great learning experience

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