Final Week in Albania

I spent my last week in the country in Tirana. As my time here in Albania comes to an end here are a few reflections. Albania is an extremely underrated country. Even though it is small it has so much to offer the world. Albania has everything. If you want a big city vibe Tirana is an amazing place. Although it is still developing and catching up to technical advances it still maintains the big city status. Albania being a coastal country obviously means that it offers beaches. But the beaches here are different. They are unlike any beach I have ever visited. The waters are so clear and the islands and beaches are so beautiful one can not help but swoon. Along with the beaches, Albania offers its many majestic mountains for those who enjoy hiking. I honestly believe I have visited one of the most beautiful places in world when I visited Nivica. I’ve realized that most people do not even know where Albania is, I mean I did not before a year ago, and it is on its way to being one of the greatest countries on earth.

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  • August 31, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Hi Payton! Thank you for sharing your experiences traveling through the different cities of Albania. It sounds like you have been able to see how geographically diverse each city is along with the differences in socioeconomic status and healthcare. It must have been helpful that Durres County had a healthcare model that could influence your health care proposal for Nivica. The work that you did for your internship has the potential to be very impactful for the people of Nivica and change the quality of healthcare for them. I have enjoyed reading about your travels and hope that your international experience and internship has been meaningful for you!


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