Memorable Interns Blog #4

One of my favorite aspects of a work environment is meeting new people. Here at the Mayo Clinic there is always a new doctor, med student, or visitor in our lab. During my internship, it was only natural that all the interns grew very close. There were only four of us and we all ended up spending a considerable amount of time together outside of work.

Often times some of our older coworkers have asked if we all knew each other from before since we all seem so close. Being away from Michigan, where all my friends are, was hard at first. But now that I’ve made friends being away isn’t so bad. The diverse backgrounds of the interns has opened my eyes to knew interests and specialties. Their majors range from computer science, mathematics, to neuroscience and biology. The unique combination of everyone in the lab really makes the ideas and collaboration flow. The diverse backgrounds, both personally and professionally, have made me realize how necessary diversity is in a lab.

These fellow interns have become lifelong friends.

Tatum D

I am a rising Senior at the University of Michigan working at The Mayo Clinic as a research assistant in a mathematical neuro-oncology lab.

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