NYU Internship #2

I’ve been keeping my blogposts to myself all these weeks, writing and forgetting to publish them. While these may seem retrospective, (which, in part, they are), they serve to remind me of my experiences and to prepare me for my upcoming ventures.

As time passed at NYU, I grew more comfortable with my coworkers–graduate students, fellow undergraduates, and professors alike. Everyone was exceedingly kind, friendly, and helpful. My undergraduate coworkers and I bonded over the exhausting and at times frustrating task of field data collection. We spent hours and hours out in Washington Square Park, lugging around a cooler and asking every third person to take our survey (without letting them say no, if we could help it). We learned which locations of the park contained the people most likely to say yes, we learned that people are in a rush at lunch time and often say no, but between 4:00 and 6:00pm, New Yorkers will often say yes–they have nowhere better to be anyway. Meanwhile, in the office I bonded with my mentors over art exhibitions and french press coffee. They gave me their best advice for graduate school applications and which professors made good mentors (but especially which ones did not)!

Slowly but surely I was finding my place in the department as well as in the city.

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