Quad Anniversary Benefit

So the day has finally come! Quad hosted its first anniversary benefit at Good Cakes and Bakes. There were several Quad students there to give testimonials and plenty of professionals eager to listen and support. The founder Emphani, also an alum gave a motivating speech and even shed a few tears as her students began to talk about the things Quad has done for them. The event was great and worth all of the networking and promoting we as a team put in. Quad was able to collect a substantial amount of money; however, they did not reach their goal fully. In efforts to accommodate the funds they still need they are selling school planners to help sponsor the students in the program.

During the benefit I worked the front door. I greeted and prepped the guest for the icebreaker. The icebreaker was a big hit amongst the guest. They were temporarily put in the shoes of a school advisor and an eager student with millions of questions. Most guest ended the activity feeling the frustration of both parties involved. The advisor not having enough time to get to know their students and provide them with the best advise and the student who oftentimes leaves their advising appointments feeling as though none of their questions were fully answered. This activity put the struggle of college advising in perspective for many people, myself included.


Overall, it was nice to see some of the students Quad impacted directly. This event consisted of a lot of tears, thank-yous, and hugs amongst the Quad team and their students. I believe the work Quad does is important but this was the first time this entire summer that I felt the emotional weight Quad holds in their community. I think single handley this event made my entire internship experience. This made me realize how important it is to do the work that you love!

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