Directly after my internship, I jetted off to España in order to take 6 weeks studying abroad in Salamanca. It was a completely different vibe than the laboratory setting, and although I loved both very equally it gave me time to reflect on my time at the lab.

The first thing I realized was how passionate I was about my research, and I found myself getting into conversations about other students research just so I could explain what I did for research. The second thing I realized was how much I want to continue doing research. This was my first full time research position and it was so interesting and kind of sad not being with my data, mice, and lab mates. This is why attached is a photo of one of the wonderful Dr. Olszewski lab members, Jess Kolbe, who has been with me for 2 years. I have gotten to know her on a very personal level and she is honestly one of the best people I have met at the University of Michigan. Both of these made me realize just how much I want to continue research and actually changed my future plans for my education. I now am considering taking a gap year just to do research, in order to better my chances of getting into an MD/PhD program because I cannot imagine being without research.

This summer was an amazing experience in my life as I was able to do many different things with new experiences. It most definitely intensified my dreams and goals for my future.


PS– I have no clue why this photo is horizontal, and every time I flipped it it stayed horizontal when i uploaded it.

One thought on “Reflection

  • August 29, 2018 at 9:51 pm

    Michael, this is so fabulous that you’ve really honed in on what you want to do, and that research always must play a core element. Honestly, if you’d just worked at the lab until the end of summer, you might not have come to this realization. Sometimes we need that distance to put something in perspective.

    I think the idea of a gap year is a fabulous idea. Have you talked to Dr. O or your other lab mates about this idea, and what might make you the best candidate? Either way, you clearly know what you want and I know you’re going to chart the best path to make that happen. If the Hub staff can help with that at all (grad school applications, exploring additional research opportunities, polishing a personal statement, etc) please don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Thank you again for the window into your experiences this summer, and I hope our paths cross on campus this fall.


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