Week 6 – Bittersweet Goodbye

For those who have been following along, I am now at the conclusion of my internship, and is a bittersweet goodbye. I have been exposed to a lot, and have learned a lot from it. What has changed these last six weeks, I mean it has only been six weeks, right? It is a weird amount of time because it felt so fast but when by so quickly as well! I have learned that you need to take a chance on people, and let people take a chance on you. About six months ago, when I even considered this position, I thought to myself, I don’t even follow football-who am I even kidding!? And I completely disregarded this internship as even the slightest of possibility to consider. This even works the other way around. By the time I got here, I kept my guard up, wary because I was in another country. But I am glad I put some trust in locals to engage with and trust to show me around because I really have had a phenomenal time because of it and have seen and learned so much because of it.

That will be the hardest goodbye-not the place, but the people. This internship has introduced me to the most generous, caring people I’ve met and I hope to cross paths with them eventually one day, however, wherever it happens.

Many thanks to all who have helped me before and during this amazing and quite memorable opportunity.

All the best,

Jessica S.

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