What I wish I knew #4

My experience in Ann Arbor this summer has been wonderful, and while I’m sad to see it go I truly have learned so much. One thing I am really taking away from my experience is the importance of asking questions and seeking help when it’s needed. Often times I feel anxious to ask a question if I think it might have an easy answer or I don’t want to burden anyone else by asking them for help. I now see how truly false that is. Asking questions is extremely important to the learning process and essential to the research process as well. Sometimes having the courage to ask questions in front of a group can spark a new discussion or idea. I forget that sometimes. As I have worked on my final presentation for the end of my summer program I’ve realized how much better my work is when I work and seek out the help of others when I truly need it. With my final presentation I have collaborated with my postdoctoral mentor, my PI, as well as another physician in my lab. They’ve all been so welcoming to my questions as they know I have given each question great thought and clearly put in a lot of time into my presentation before asking them to review it. I think moving forward, I need to better understand that questions are ok, and in fact, necessary to do the best job possible.

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