Wrapping it up

Now being at the end of my summer internship and looking back I see that I have not only learned more than I ever could have imagined but I have also gained confidence both in myself and my work. I wish I had known earlier on that this was a safe space to fail as it would have allowed me to stress less about making a mistake and focus more on my work. That being I almost feel as if that is nit picking since this was mostly in my own head; my mentor was continuously supportive and helpful and often times made it clear that it was ok to make mistake (as long as you didn’t make them again). Overall I learned a lot about the research field in general and oddly enough one of my favorite and most satisfying experiences of the summer was working on a brief powerpoint presentation that I ended up presenting to my PI. In retrospect and from the perspective of my PI this presentation was just about as casual as it got but what made it so important to me was it was a presentation of the work I had done up until that point in the summer. It just made me feel productive and it was cool to show off (while it was minor) some of my work. After this internship I have realized that I have much more of a passion for research than I thought I had and I am definitely interested in pursuing research past my undergraduate years. It has made me much more open to going for my MD/PHD degree just as my mentor did. I feel blessed to have been a part of this lab for the summer and I am very excited to what lies in store for this fall!

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