Wrapping Up: Blog #5

As my internship at the Mayo Clinic comes to a close, I suddenly realize that my projects were not ready to be ended as well. One of the papers that I had been working on was far from finished and I was hesitant to admit how much work it still needed. My mentor kindly reminded me that papers and research in general takes copious amounts of time and editing, and that I had done my part. All of the interns had the same end date, and we all had to present what we were working on to our entire lab. It was fascinating and impressive to really see and understand what my coworkers had been working on. The most impressive including topics and projects on bioluminescence, neuroanatomical image vetting, and drug therapies mathematical expressions. I was blown away how technical and well spoken my fellow peers are. Just listening to their presentations taught me concepts and presentation skills.

As everything wraps up, I have begun to reflect on my time here. The time and effort I have put into this internship are incredibly valuable, and I am touched by how lucky I am to have had this experience. Though hard and tedious at times, I wouldn’t have traded this internship for anything. The bonds and connections I have made will follow me throughout my future career.

Tatum D

I am a rising Senior at the University of Michigan working at The Mayo Clinic as a research assistant in a mathematical neuro-oncology lab.

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