Writing curriculum

One thing I’ve ended up doing a lot of is writing curriculum for the program I’m working on. I’m the student cohort liaison for the STEM cohort in the SuccessConnects program, and most of the events I need to plan are not purely social, but workshops. These are on things like coding, writing a CV, and using different software programs.

However, I didn’t really expect to write exactly what the lesson plans for each event would be, which is what I’ve ended up doing. It can be frustrating and feel like I’m going in circles, but I then realized how much I enjoy being able to give other students what I wish I had had in my first year or two here. I’m really excited to start holding these workshops and giving these students things I know will help them.


Class of 2020, Physics and Interdisciplinary Astronomy Co-Chair of the Native American Student Association Society of Physics Students Student Astronomical Society

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