Audit Shadow pt. 2

This was my second week shadowing my audit team. I have been learning more about my client and the audit process. As I receive assignments I learn more about why the numbers i’m generating are important and what they are used for. I am also learning more about the client as to where the numbers are coming from. Some assignments were more difficult than others but like a good problem solver I was able to manage without asking any questions and the team was impressed. As the week was coming to an end so was my shadow experience with my audit team. I began to check in with my on boarding advisor, my coach, and my recruiter to update them on how my internship experience has been going. I have been learning more than I thought I would and I am very satisfied with the assignments I have been completing. In a check-in meeting with my coach we went to get coffee to talk about my experience and my professional plan. My coach helped me think more about how to execute my plan more efficiently and gave me plenty of advice. We also bonded on a personal level. My coach and I are both car aficionados and he showed me his car and his motor. Like I previously mentioned, Deloitte’s professional culture is very unique compared to other firms and it is something that makes a difference. I personally enjoyed this aspect of the firm the most.

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