Bernie Sanders Rally | #5

So Bernie Sanders came and stumped with us. Our events went really smoothly, overall–Bernie thanked our team for how efficient it was, and we were glowing. The truth is is that when you run huge events, efficiency isn’t a word for everyone doing their jobs well. Efficiency is a word for everyone communicating well. In huge events, you don’t really have a specific job. You are a watchdog for problems, and the more “insider” you are–the more connections you have, access you have, resources–the smaller your jobs may seem.

I wasn’t manning the press access or VIP tables, for instance, or running volunteer orientation. I was chasing pens and people, finding rope, consulting on how large our ADA area needed to be. Many small jobs which made other people’s jobs doable. I, and the other HQ staff without specific tasks, could do this because we knew the right people to talk to, could go to places others couldn’t, had the authority to get what we needed. There is a power to small jobs–a power to empowering others. It’s that spark that I look for in candidates I support. It’s what I think protects someone against corruption. It’s why Abdul ran for office, why Bernie ran. I don’t think I’ll campaign again immediately, but it’s a thought I want to carry with me, because it’s servant leadership at its core.

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