Blog 6: Reflections

I wish I had been more prepared this summer when I went into the internship. I was completely unprepared for the stress of moving to an unfamiliar countries and dealing with the scammers and thieves that come with living in a big city. Even with a generous scholarship and a decently paid internship, I left Germany with zero savings and a lesson to guard my money better. You can’t trust your roommates.

On the flip side, my internship was great, the company was great, and I’ve been in touch with other interns who had both a less than stellar living situation and a living hell for a workplace, so I lucked out there. I probably won’t continue in that line of work, just because sitting in front of a computer typing for hours and hours doesn’t suit me, but the business trips were fun, the office culture was more relaxed, which I enjoyed, and I had great conversations with my boss and coworkers.

The city itself I may not return to just because of bad associations with homelessness and the apartment, but it really was beautiful and I wish things had turned out better. It changed my perspective on how life is in Ann Arbor. We really do live in a bubble – there’s more to life than just going to school and hanging around the diag. I will be looking to do something similar next year, but I’ll be more prepared and it will go much more smoothly. Probably not Germany, somewhere new and exciting. Maybe Brazil.

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