Ending Reflection

It may be a cliché to say everything happens for a reason, but I think it’s true. If there was a reason behind me interning at Finn Partners, it was s that could not only to learn more about Public Relations, but to develop skills that have given me confidence that I will need for my last year of college and for as dramatic as it may sound: life.  I always assumed confidence was the way one presents themselves, the air they give off, and while that is true, there was a new type of confidence that Finn Partners showed me. It’s a type of confidence that allows me to be both comfortable but bold, not necessarily in this flashy way, but in a natural way. A confidence that I can take with me every day.

I was given responsibilities, and the trust the gave to me both motivated me and encouraged me. I knew that the work I was doing, no matter how small, would be important to the bigger picture. It was team work, and each team member should be valued.

Everyone there was open to answering my questions and helping me learn, which created an environment for me to feel comfortable talking. Not every place presents itself as one where questions are encouraged, but Finn Partners did. To me, that is so important in letting an intern develop. Since I felt that I could reach out and ask questions, I felt that I had a voice, one that was welcomed rather than ignored.

Finn Partners taught me the importance of communication and time management. While it might seem daunting to constantly be in communication and to be given multiple projects at the same time, it becomes more of a rhythm to figure out, and it did get easier. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I know that I’ve improved in both those areas, which is precisely what internships should be like.

I’ve been told internships are important because it allows you to not only garner new skills and insights, but it also is an opportunity to learn about a certain industry that one might have interest in as a career. Finn Partners did an incredible job of allowing me to feel like a true member of the team, even though we all knew my time there could only be a few months.

Like all new beginnings, it was impossible for me to predict what my experience would be. I am thankful for my summer at Finn Partners, and I’ll miss working with the people I was lucky enough to work with during my time there.

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