Going Forward #7

When I first told my parents that I would be living in New York City, they smirked. I was not too bothered, as I understood their expression as a representation of their doubt. Could I survive on my own outside of school? Will I be overwhelmed by the city setting? I prepared to defend myself, but before I said a word, they asked how I would like life in Flushing. I was baffled. I’m going to work in New York City . Isn’t Flushing some community far from the city that produced Fran Drescher? They laughed at my stunned face. I was only more confused.

Upon further research, I discovered that Citi Field was indeed in Flushing and about a half-hour drive from Manhattan. “That’s not far, and it is still the city,” I told myself. When I arrived in Flushing, I found that this was not necessarily the case. In fact, Flushing really is quite different from Manhattan. Local residents do not consider Flushing to be the city at all. The area was separate and independent, yet there was a baseball stadium and tennis center plopped right in the middle of it. Besides these two venues, Flushing does not boast a lot. As a result, I found that a lot of my summer revolved around my work. This was fine by me as I loved my work. I always looked forward to clocking in and dreaded clocking out. Work really became my life.

As I finish out my internship, I’ve realized the importance of a good workplace. When work becomes your sanctuary, you never have to work again in your life. I’ve discovered the importance of a positive atmosphere, and going forward, I understand how this internship can serve as a model for what I want when I look for other work opportunities. I am grateful for having the chance to work at Citi Field and I cannot wait to visit the stadium in the future.

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