My Favorite Experience In Ann Arbor #5

My favorite experience as an intern this summer was the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I come from a relatively small town and I have never been to an art festival that was celebrated for four days. After a long day at work, I would walk around the streets of Ann Arbor and look at the different artworks and the paintings that were being presented. I would stop by different artists and ask them about what inspired them to do this type of work. I was even taught how to make art from avocado pits! The Ann Arbor art fair was definitely the most diverse art fair I have ever attended. The artworks that I saw were truly Magnificent, there was one that I particularly liked and it was an airplane that was made from soda pop cans and it had a full running engine and it could even fly. I got food from a stand from Louisiana that was just amazing! Overall, I can say that going to the Ann Arbor art fair was the highlight of my summer. I truly enjoyed the music, the art, and the food that was served.

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