Nearly There – #5

With the end of summer rapidly approaching, it’s time for a little introspection. I’m currently in the process of summarizing my data and statistical findings, which is both exciting and somewhat stressful. I have learned so much this summer, both about cellular physiology and being a good scientist, that it is difficult to boil it all down into a simple PowerPoint presentation. I’d like to think my work actually contributed to the lab’s overall understanding of several cellular phenomena. While I do not want to get into specific details regarding our research, I will say that our lab’s work is incredibly fascinating and could have significant ramifications throughout the scientific community. I am still in awe that I had a chance to perform research in a field that studies cancer cell growth and metastasis. Cancer has impacted nearly everyone I know in some way. Being able to merely partake in the discussion of treating certain cancers has been an honor, and I look forward to my lab’s future findings.

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