Professional Development – #4

Over the course of the summer, my mentor made it a priority to ask myself and the other intern assisting her what we wanted out of this experience, what parts of research we were excited about, what we were thinking of for careers/graduate school, et cetera. I found this extremely helpful, and am very happy she made our experience and wants/needs a priority during the process, because I have heard many stories where undergraduates were simply delegated to do mundane administrative work and nothing else. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel extremely lucky to have had this experience.

One part that was really unique were our lab outings. We would choose a time and activity, where we would then meet up, go over whatever topic we chose to discuss that time, and then do a fun activity together. Some topics included academic article searching, elevator pitches, and applying to graduate school. Some fun activities we did were visiting an art museum and attending a minor league baseball game. It was so nice to spend time with them in a setting outside the lab!

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