Week 2: Detroit Office

As I finish my first week at Deloitte in the Detroit Office I have come to learn a lot more than what I thought I did. This week I shadowed people that worked in internal firm services. I was able to find out that there is much more than accounting careers within an accounting firm. During this week I shadowed some professionals that worked in resource management. Their role was to allocate our staff to clients once work was won. They also allocate staff to teams that are lacking staff or need staff with a specific skill. They are in charge of forecasting availability for the fiscal year in order to accurately schedule people to different clients. I also shadowed professionals in the records department. In this experience, I learned about the extensive processes that need to be done in order to file and destroy records in compliance with law and regulations. With the digital age on the rise, there is an increase in the use of electronic documents and files. Due to this, the records department has had to adapt and utilize online interfaces to properly file and store these documents. I got to sit in many meetings and calls throughout this week and observed that many of these professionals are extremely busy, sometimes working on multiple projects at once. This proves that multitasking is a very valuable skill to learn when working in an intense professional environment.





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