Week 3 – Internal Shadow

This week I continued to shadow professionals within the firm. I sat within Deloitte’s records management group, resource management, as well as the recruiting team for all lines of service in the greater Michigan market. During this week I got more familiar with the office and the professionals working here. I learned about their roles within the firm and even some personal information. I got familiarized with the culture in the office. Something I can contrast from another “Big Four” firm is that Deloitte’s office culture is much more laid back. There are people going visiting coworkers to their work space and many of the partner’s doors were 0pen. People can have conversations across the room and it would not interrupt other staff. At Deloitte I don’t feel like an intern but as an actual staff. On many occasions I went to lunch with other professionals and we talked about a variety of subjects. This kind of interaction gives a work-life balance vibe that I look for in a job. Aside from the culture, I learned that the work is very fast paced. I was able to turn in my assignments on time with exceptional results. I worked on plenty of recruiting activities including one on planning an event to take back to my own campus.

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