Week 4 – Audit Shadow

This week I shadowed my audit team. During this week I traveled to my client site everyday and sat in a conference room to work on quarterly and year-end work. I learned a lot about the overall process of working outside the office this week. For the most part my days at my client site were structured. I would drive a 45-60 minute commute and would start work at 9am every morning. I would then report to the conference room and work until lunch around 12pm. The client provided lunch for its employees everyday so there was no need to bring or buy lunch (smart move). After lunch I would continue my assignments until clock out time at 5pm. The culture in this office was very old-fashioned and very structured. My team was made up of 2-3 staff, a senior manager, and a partner. I worked closely with my internship coach everyday to receive assignments and deliver them with quality work. I got to meet the whole team through my time at this client. On Friday, we went out as a team to eat. My coach had mentioned that Deloitte treats it’s interns the same way they treat staff – and it was true. I always feel as if i’m an actual Deloitte employee which made the experience much more interesting.

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