Week 6: Internship Project

I spent my last week at Deloitte in the office working on a project with the rest of the interns. I worked closely with two other interns on a project about Deloitte’s wellness program and suggestions on how it can be improved. I took the initiative to schedule a plan in order to delegate tasks and activities to finish the project on time and have a day to fix any last minute details. During the the project I got to bond very well with my fellow interns and it was a very enjoyable experience. We went out to lunch together almost everyday and made very good memories. We got to learn a lot about each other like our interests, work ethic, and professional aspirations. On presentation day, we all got to the boardroom early to ensure all the equipment was working properly. We ran through the presentation a couple times and rehearsed our activities. Our presentation turned out to be a success. The attendees had may positive comments and even said they felt less stressed thanks to our self-care activities. Overall, my internship experience was very inspiring. I got to reflect on my whole time ever since training week in Atlanta where I made many valuable friends and acquaintances to my last week where I have gained plenty of information that has helped me grow professionally and as a person.

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