Downtown Detroit #5

If it weren’t for the internship at Michigan-China Innovation Center, I wouldn’t spend these wonderful eight weeks in Downtown Detroit. To be honest, before this summer, I have heard some bad things about Detroit. However, the Downtown Detroit I saw myself was completely a different sight. I thought I can use this blog to talk a little bit about Detroit.

Looking at the downtown Detroit from the 9th floor of 1001 Woodward Building, it is so vibrant, so lively, and full of energy. Our building is right next to the Campus Martius Park, which is surrounded by some major office buildings. The park now has a recreation area in summer that is filled with golden sand and many colorful beach chairs and umbrellas. During lunchtime, people just sit on those beach chairs and enjoy the sunshine and a delicious chicken sandwich from one of the food trucks. If you are not in the mood of “beach” time, you can also sit at tables next to the Soldiers’ and sailors’ monument. The park is just a relaxing place to take a lunch break, pet some puppies, and take a short walk along the food-truck street. If you want some sweet treat, you should definitely try Detroit Water Ice Factory. Water Ice is owned by author Mitch Albom. All of their profit goes to support the city of Detroit. In addition, if you have the chance, you should also sign up or a Quicken Loans tour. Since they pretty much own the city, their tour is pretty thorough.

Hope you will enjoy Downtown Detroit like I did! One last tip, a lot of local restaurants would give you a 10% discount if you show your work ID at the cashier. Have fun!

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