Make connections in Chicago

Its no secret that Chicago is full of University of Michigan Alumni. Every time I walk on the street, hanging out in the work place or just quietly sitting in the restaurant with my Umich shirt on, there always someone will approach me and shout out “go blue” to me. Even one time I wore the University of Michigan Mathematics department shirt and someone stopped on the street and told me he graduated from math department couple years ago. I was surprised by the sheer number of alumni in Chicago and yet don’t know how to make connection with them.

Then the LSA opportunity hub stepped in and introduced me into a brand-new world. As a current student had the honor to be invited into alumni reunion with other students who also currently intern in Chicago. During the event I did not only get to more about the people from Michigan but also the finance industry in Chicago as whole. I really cherished my opportunity to intern in Chicago not only for the amazing experience that I gained from my work but also the opportunity to learn more about the city and make connections.

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