My Future Starts Now | #2

Starting out, my internship laid out the entire summer for me. It seemed super busy and as if I would enjoy everything I did. To my dismay, I ended up doing a project that I finished within a couple of weeks, but we were left without something to do for another two weeks; also, our project was not presented until a month after its completion. Although it started off slow, it has picked up. I’m much happier when I’m busy, but I feel like all the work has piled up and it’s becoming too much. To my surprise, I realized that I am ready to go to a new place and experience something new. Being in my home state and staying home on the weekends made me realize the importance of traveling and experiencing life in another location for a set amount of time while I have the chance. I thought I would love being at home, but I don’t love it, it’s just okay. Contrarily, this experience has been similar to my expectations because I developed relationships with my co-workers and I’ve been presented with opportunities I otherwise would not have had the chance to partake in.

Working so far has been a journey. It’s hard to get up everyday and go, and I don’t want to think of this as me complaining about adulthood, but instead I’m realizing what adulthood is, what I like and don’t like about it, and most importantly what I can do to avoid doing what I don’t like upon graduating and starting my career.

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