My Future Starts Now | #5

Leadership: The word everyone loves or loathes. As stated in my previous post, I wanted to be seen as more than a people pleaser and lacked the confidence to do that. I believe that if I had not made a couple of poor decisions in high school, my confidence would have been on another level, and leadership would have came more naturally. Despite those setbacks, I was still seen as a leader to others during high school, even though I didn’t see it in myself.

Since coming to college, leadership feels like a sign that’s plastered to the back of my shirt that others can see but I am unaware of its presence. I do so much on campus in different organizations that make me a leader without actually feeling like I am. Unconsciously, I am cultivating the attributes and spirit of a leader. Concerning my personal goals, they all involve leadership. I want to be an entrepreneur, which requires full blown leadership. It that aspect, I am my own leader (and I am so excited for it!). Professionally, I have been immersed in leadership opportunities. When I was first told that I would be putting on programming for students that I create, I panicked. I didn’t know what to say, do or think. The only thing that came to mind was “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!”

Leadership seemed scary, but now that the year is starting and programming will soon be in full effect, I’m excited more than anything. Being seen as a leader can be scary, because you wonder “What are they talking about? Me? A leader?”. But yes, me, a leader. That feels great to say. Being in this position can feel intimidating, because I wonder “Am I a good leader? Are the people I lead happy with me? Am I liked?” But I have to remind myself to just be who I am. Don’t think too hard – just do. If others saw something in my I never saw in myself, it was there before I even knew it. I was leading without knowing I was leading. You don’t have to be harsh all the time nor the spearhead to lead. Leading by example, my readers, is the best type of leadership there is.

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