Not everything is exciting

Wouldn’t it be lovely if everything we did cause some type of excitement or stimulation?  In some way, yes, it would.  However, in the real world, a common task does not lead to an adventure.  Thus, reducing the chances of excitement.

At the National Forum, some of my daily tasks can be mundane and tedious.  Albeit, the task needs completing on my end.  Usually, if I am tired from the tedious of a simple task, such as, creating an excel spreadsheet or sending emails (*yawn* administration work) I’ll take a five-minute break by grabbing water or making a cup of coffee.  Or I’ll mix it up by working on one task for an hour, then, switch it up the next hour with another task.  By the end of the day, all mundane tasks are completed with the added benefit of me keeping my sanity.

Mundane work is never exciting, at least to me.  But I understand the importance of tedious work especially at the Forum because this “tedious” work of emails, spreadsheets, proofreading of letters of recommendations, website updating, etc. are essential to making the larger picture run smoothly.  What’s the larger picture?  Well, I think the larger picture consists of their mission, which would equate to the heart of everything that the National Forum does and strives to be/become.

I may become bored with completing the small mundane task, but it is helpful to remind myself of the end goal: every small task is linked to the larger picture.

At the end of the day, mundane tasks are a good reminder that not everything in life is meant to lead to an adventure.  That way when we do encounter an adventure/excitement, we learn to appreciate them even more!

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