#5 Leadership development from hosting the Pi Approximation Celebration

July 22 is the Pi Approximation Day, because 22/7 is 3.142857, which is very close to the Pi, and Actuaries often celebrated it. Interns are responsible for hosting the celebration, and we can do whatever we want to celebrate this festival. I took the lead for this task, and the result was fantastic. Here are some of the takeaways that I had from being the leader.

  • Make sure everyone/majority of your team is happy about the decision
  • Delegate equal amount of work to the team, don’t overwork, trust others
  • Start preparing early, think about what challenges we might run into, remind people strategically
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel, find someone who has experience for advice
  • Check in the progress frequently
  • Be creative of your actions, and always go extra mile
  • Don’t take other’s credit, honor everyone’s effort and hard work
  • Always prepare before the meeting, have an agenda, deal with distraction during meeting, don’t get into unnecessary detail


Originally from Shanghai, China, who spent couple years in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Macau, and the USA, I will be an Actuarial Consulting intern at Milliman's Chicago Health Practice for Summer 2017.

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