Big Day at Court | #6

I grew up hearing about the violence happening around me in Chicago, so, unfortunately, it was no surprise to hear about another innocent teenage girl losing her life to gun violence. This internship has shown me how hard prosecutors work to get the facts straight and get people, who fire guns and kill, behind bars.

In 2013 a teenage girl was shot and killed in a playground surrounded by her friends. This summer, summer 2018, the case was finally brought before a double jury. As a law clerk, I was able to sit on a bench and watch the case from the opening statements to witness testimony.

I saw both families sitting in benches before me, the victims and the defendants. It was fascinating to see how both sides presented the same story in different viewpoints.

This internship has now come to an end, but I can say with great confidence that I learned something new every day. I will carry the skills forward in my future career.

One thought on “Big Day at Court | #6

  • August 28, 2018 at 8:03 am

    It sounds like you had a positive experience interning in the criminal justice system this summer. Whatever you do in the future, I am sure that what you saw and what you learned this summer will play a role in your future success. One thing I encourage you to do as you close out your internship is to look back on the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the summer and reflect on which ones you met and which ones you didn’t. For the ones that you didn’t meet (for whatever reason that may be), you could think about if there are on-campus ways to gain some of those competencies, if you would like to do so. That can be a really good way to help connect your internship experience to your academic studies, too.

    Congratulations on a successful summer internship, and welcome back to campus!


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