Blue World Institute| #4



Storytelling is a vital part of my life, which has manifested in film work in the form of acting and directing. I have pursued film through classes and abroad. In Croatia I decided to venture out of my comfort zone , experimenting with film and explore another median of storytelling: photography.  In high school I took a photograph of my younger brother in the Grand Canyon received third place in the Palo Alto Photo Contest, however, I never decided to pursue it seriously until Croatia. With age comes more responsibility, and sometimes the pressure of undone tasks looms over my head making it hard to be present. After a busy semester in school, I came to Croatia with goal to of being present. I found that taking photos is an amazing way to connect to my surroundings. Practicing photographing forces me to engage with my surroundings. Photography also brought me closer to the locals because I would take a photograph them after listening to their stories. 

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