Chicago vs NY #5

Do you know Chicago is third largest city in US?

To be totally honest, I have no idea even when I was living in Chicago. The whole city was as quite as suburb. Chicago is not like New York or Los Angeles; its quiet, slow and friendly.  During my three months in Chicago, I felt like I am living in a huge suburb rather than a modern city. I took Brown Line in the morning, get to work in 30 minutes and start the day with some incredibly nice people.  At the end of the day, I get home or hang out with friends just like what I did in Ann Arbor. In other word, Chicago did not give me pressure but relax from a year of study. At the end of the day I felt satisfied rather than tried.

During my internship I had traveled to New York for one night and Immediately I know I am not in Chicago anymore. Chicago is no different than Ann Arbor, but New York is a totally brand-new world. I have no prejudice against the Big Apple, but the city is fast pace, dirty and aggressive. Everyone on the street Jwalk all the time, which kind pissed me off as a driver.  As I said in the past note, my internship had given me a deep yet new insight of U.S. cities, which will continue to benefit me during Job Hunting.

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