Deal with ambiguity at work #4


As I mentioned in the last post, working at startup has to deal with a lot ambiguity at work. One of my tasks at Pangaea is to design a Return on Investment model for the current patient’s base.  As for myself, I had never seen a ROI model in the past nor do I know how to design one from ground up. The company I worked at also did not have enough resources to hep to get a better insight of the project. The first thing I did to solve the program is to setup a plan to consolidate my study plan.  After which I conducted full on research of some ROI model for some similar Medicare company. During the process I learned the basic theory and mechanism of the ROI models. The second step is to research what factor do I need to incorporate in my model, through which I did not only get better insight of the industry, but also a deeper understanding of Pangaea’s business model. After considering and evaluating all the factors, I build my model from scratch using my research and my knowledge. After finished the model and perfected it for couple of weeks, I ran some past data with the model in order to test the accuracy of the model. After I was satisfied with my work, I start to get second, third or even fifth opinion from other expert that I can get in touch along with some Medicare mentors at the incubator (MATTER).   At the end of the project I also wrote an introduction for my model in the convenience of the people that going to use the model in the future.

I was really satisfied with my work at the end of the internship. This project taught me to deal with ambiguity. I really enjoy the process to get to point B from point A without a map, in which I can be the sailor and explore all the possibility of my work.

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