Final Reflection #6

I have been working since I was ten, starting selling t-shirts with my mother on street in Shanghai, China. One interesting trivia was that I used to set out as sub-stall next to my mother’s t-shirt stall, where I sell my toys and jewelry. I remember working was always more fun for me than school. Working at a young was very rewarding in terms of monetary value, self-satisfaction, and a sense of worthiness in my family and society. However, I had never worked with no financial compensation in return. So having this unpaid internship gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate my view of money and time, and the competitiveness and scarcity of relevant working experiences in the college student/graduate pool. It is truly a privilege to work for free because many struggling college students cannot afford to do that. Thus, I am grateful for the invaluable experience at the Michigan-China Innovation Center.

Here are some benefits and takeaways from my internship:
the experience of working in an office environment;
Hands-on experiences to work for big events and conferences that engage multi-national public officials and dignitaries;
Networking experiences, which leads to future internship and work opportunities;
Discovering and exercising event coordinating skills;
Further determined my interest in diplomacy;
Expanded my career options and interests;
Exercised verbal and written interpretation skills (English and Chinese);
Made friends!

I really enjoyed the internship and gained many skills and valuable experiences listed above. Michigan-China Innovation Center introduced me to many terminologies such as public-private partnership, foreign direct investment, green/brownfield investment. Many of which are very informative and expanded my horizon. I hope more people get to experience this type of internship.

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