Future Plans | #6

My internship this summer has radically shaped my career path and future plans in many more ways than I could have possible imagined. In the fall, I will be starting a new internship to receive Spanish credit. I will be translating for a lawyer who provides free legal aid to Latinos seeking citizenship or asylum. My current internship has made me even more exciting for this upcoming opportunity because we deal with many immigration cases so, I am excited to see the other side of immigration law.

My internship experience has pushed me to explore more research opportunities in undergraduate because I know realize how important reading, writing, and researching are in the legal field especially, in the public sector. With some encouragement from some of my coworkers I’ve decided to take Pol Sci 381 this fall to start looking into the possibility of writing a thesis. I realize how beneficial it will be to have extensive research experience when applying to law school and in my future career. 

In addition, my internship has strongly reaffirmed by desire to pursue law school. I think this internship was the push I needed to really start investigating different law schools and to start studying for the LSAT. Furthermore, although I have loved the public sector for many years know, next summer I hope to find a law related internship in the private sector. I want to learn more about private practice, corporate law, and the other fields of law that don’t often end up in a courtroom. In fact, our law clerk, Margaret, has been helping me look into different possible internships in private practice and has been giving me super helpful advice. Overall, this internship has been immensely helpful in guiding my career path and helping me to make ddecisions about my future. I knew that I would gain great experience regarding criminal law but, this internship has given me so much more than I expected. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and the guidance it has given me. The people in my office are as invested in my future as I am so, I am very excited to keep them updated and to make them proud.

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