Future Plans | #6

My internship has shown me that this line of work can actually become my career and that it can do so without any real rules or precedents. Everyone finds success in their own way in film and television, which sets my choice of work apart from other careers like medicine or law where there is a tried and true means to your end, so long as you are good enough to get there. I’ve met so many people and experienced so many aspects of how things are done that I can relax a bit on what my first step out of school is going to be. I came out here expecting to pursue a career as a film screenwriter, and now I have plans to do television as my primary goal, because everyone has taught me that film is a hobby, television is a business. If I want to be efficient and effective, there are ways to take my stories to the smaller screen while I pursue film as a side passion project. Additionally, I’ve gotten over my disdain for non-fiction and I’m now looking into non-profits with videographing needs to try and do some humanitarian work around the world with my degree at some point, whether that be right out of school or after a few years in Hollywood. Mostly I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my life choices and I’m finding it easier to make peace with the fact that I didn’t root myself in a more traditional practice that has things like job security and retirement plans. People don’t look too far ahead in this industry and that’s the kind of pace and immediacy I need to do good work.

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  • August 29, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    Hi Erin! My name is Caroline and I work at the LSA Opportunity Hub. I was able to read some of your blog posts, and it sounds like you have had a very informative summer! You have been able to get your hands on some real film work and have had experiences that are educational and unforgettable. You’ve even done some deep reflection on your own career path! I’d be curious to know what you will do with these lessons and memories when you exit your internship. I highly recommend using the services and resources offered at the Opportunity Hub to help you maximize this experience. Our coaches can help you articulate your experiences in resumes, cover letters, and future interviews. You surely don’t want to forget all of the great things you’ve been learning in LA, or the people that you’ve connected with. They can also help you figure out what moves you want to make next and how to stay in touch with your network. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and we hope to see you at the Hub this fall!


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