Memorable Experience | #5

LA is great for its food if nothing else. Every kind of meal you could want from anywhere in the world will be available in an authentic, diverse way in some part of the city, full stop. My roommates and I came out here with the very clear mission of doing a full donut tour of Los Angeles, and we have succeeded. There are vegan shops, novelty shops, shops that make donuts a foot and a half in diameter, and anything else you can think of. At least once a week we pick a shop online and drive up to an hour to get there and try what they have to offer. This is more memorable for the experience of donut hunting than the donuts themselves, though they never disappoint. Its the matter of putting so much time and effort into such a simple task and all of the things we do or see on the way just because a donut took us to that part of town. We stumbled on an area of Venice called Abbot Kenny, which is apparently a bit of a destination town for how novel and quaint it is, simply because I wanted to bring my tattoo artist a donut during my appointment and his shop was a mile down the road. I’ve eaten more donuts this summer than in the rest of my life all put together, and that is responsible for a good percentage of our adventures this summer.

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