Using My Identity | #3

Moving out to LA as a woman, I felt that my age among other things would be an inhibitor. People don’t take young women seriously and with no experience and an excitment to be there, I assumed I would be written off or dismissed. But the thing that most of my predecessors have really pressed into me and my peers s that there are ways to use my age to my advantage. We are the future of the industry and therefore we have a lot to learn and a lot of help we need to be given, and apparently those who came before us are willing to provide those things because it makes them feel good. I can ask for something and the worst anyone can say is no, so there’s really no harm in inviting a writer to coffee to learn about his/her/their story or requesting pages from ongoing projects to read and take away what works and what doesn’t. Along with all of that, people rise in this business as a class, much like one’s class at university. You rise with your peers and your friends and along the way you help one another and swap stories and advice, so the resources are endless. My age is not going to be an obstacle as much as an asset, so long as I learn how to wield it appropriately and effectively.

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