Week 6

This is my last couple of weeks at Nike, they have been absolutely amazing. I’ve learned so much, and finished up doing work on my project. For winning the Hackathon, I got the prize of presenting in front of the whole intern class, and their managers. This summer was filled with nerves, fun and great of learning. Nike has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about Data Science. I was able to learn about how data scientist can be incorporated in sports in so many ways. My initial thought was how much can a shoe company do with data science, and I was proven wrong. There is so much that they can do. At first, I was a little nervous being so far from home. It was hard adjusting to the differences in the city of Portland, and not having a car to get me around town. But I adjusted. Being at Nike, I was able to see the power of the company internationally. How Nike brings to so many kids memories by providing them with shirts, shoes, shorts and events that make sports even better than they are. Also, I’ve Nike has done so much for the community around sports. They stood up for what is right, and that is something I cherish in their company. I will forever be grateful for my opportunity at Nike. I’ve made countless connections at all different schools, in all different departments, and can’t wait to learn more this school year.

2 thoughts on “Week 6

  • August 28, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Hey Zena, very glad to hear to that your final weeks at Nike were a blast.

    Isn’t it so cool how data science can be incorporated into sports!? I am pursuing a very similar path myself: I run a couple of sports analytics clubs on campus and have loved my time in them so much that I switched from an Econ to a Data Science degree. But I digress: I am so glad you had such a nice experience! The connections you made, the big-city experience you received, and the memories you created will stick with you for a long time moving forward, and that all matters so much.

    Would love to hear your next steps, and if you’re interested in applying data science to sports more during the school year, do not hesitate to reach out. Have a great final week of summer and a great school year 🙂

  • August 30, 2018 at 10:38 am

    Hello Zena – I really enjoyed reading about your experiences at Nike. And congrats on winning the Hackathon! As of this post, you’ve met your blogging requirements for the summer (though you are welcome to continue posting). Once you’re back on campus, please know you are welcome to stop by the Hub to discuss how you can represent your accomplishments on your resume, LinkedIn, or in the networking conversations you mentioned here. I hope you’ve been enjoying some downtime in the time since your internship wrapped up!


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