What Drew Me To My Internship | #1

When looking for companies to work for this summer, I knew I wanted to be somewhere that would allow me to experience a wide variety of aspects of the film industry, but with a specific emphasis on the writing/development of new projects for television and film. My goal is to be involved primarily in pre-production throughout my career, so it is vital to me to get some experience at least observing that part of things. Dark Horse is unique in that our office runs aspects of everything from pitches to distribution. I read pilots and do coverage on submissions, proofread and edit revisions of pages, sit in on meetings with directors and producers on the shape the show or film is going to take, watch early cuts of footage from the projects, and finalize details from distributors. With such a short amount of time in this position, I’m not going to have the opportunity to become an expert in anything, so I want to get a taste of many different things.

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