A Glimpse into Mass Media | Post #4

Have you found a great mentor? If so, what makes him/her great? Have you learned anything new about the industry?

When I was applying for my internship at the Partnership for Public Service, I knew I was going to be working with the Communications team, but with such a wide-encompassing field, I wasn’t sure what exactly my work would include. I ended up working directly under the organization’s Press Secretary, and I am so grateful for the way things worked out.

At the Partnership, the Press Secretary is mostly a solo job with lots of tasks being juggled by one person. It’s a lot of relationship-building that only one person needs to handle. However, since this role was recently replaced with a new employee and with only two Communications interns, I was lucky enough to be under the Press Secretary’s supervision!

My supervisor quickly became my mentor not just at my internship but also in helping me figure out my next steps moving forward. I thought her job was so cool–she had to keep up with building and expanding relationships with various media outlets, constantly scheduling interviews and providing statements from the Partnership CEO. I was familiar with many of these outlets so to see the faces behind them was surreal. Also, with the news cycle being so fast-paced, every day was different, and it was exciting having to keep up.

I learned the challenges and rewards of working in the media industry and am so thankful for my supervisor in helping me and encouraging me every step of the way.

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