A Lesson Learned | Post #5

Things are winding to a close for my summer work, so fortunately I managed to finish my personal summer project. I was mutating specific amino acids within a protein to determine how it affects the degradation of a substrate protein. Unfortunately, that project had no results- we determined near the end that the promising results we had gathered were a result of the the specific amino acid we mutated the protein’s native amino acids to completely disrupted its activity. It was disheartening, but it taught me a couple of valuable lessons. The most important is probably that things will fail- and potentially means that a lot of time and energy was wasted. It’s important to not get disheartened, and to keep trying. The other important lesson is the importance of planning- though in this case there was no way to know, in the future poorly planning a set of experiments could lead to weeks or even months wasted.

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