Blog Post Week 5

The impact of a doctor on the world is amazing. This summer helped me realize why I wanted to be a doctor in the first place. The doctor I studied under, shares the same race as me. He told and taught me the importance of diversity in doctors. People of different backgrounds, understand medical problems differently and being someone of a less common background you’re able to help those like you when they are in that situation. When studying for tests at the University of Michigan, you can lose sight of why you want to be a doctor. The stress and pressure that some of the upper-level science classes put on students can be a lot to deal with. This summer reminded me of all the reasons I want to be a doctor and all the reasons I’m taking those hard classes and making it through them. I was able to learn about the business side of being a doctor. Whether you are helping people or deciding which patient needs to get seen first and why. I was able to understand how to narrow down different problems of a patient and “connect” the dots of different symptoms. Also, I was also able to understand what more I wanted from a medical school. Talking to the doctor I was under, I was able to learn more about the opportunities at med school. Overall, this summer was great, and I was able to learn a lot of new information and grow in many ways. I know this summer experience will help me become a great doctor one day.

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