Finished – #6

Well, my time has come to leave North Carolina and return to Ann Arbor. I have very mixed feelings about this! I have had a wonderful 3 months full of growth, learning, and life experiences that I will forever be grateful for. However, I am excited to return to campus life and my friends.

I feel I was very lucky with my internship. Some of my friends did not like where they were interning this summer, were very unhappy, and didn’t have pleasant co-workers/advisors. But my experience was nothing but pleasant. I had an amazing mentor who put my wants and needs into consideration, a genuinely nice co-intern, and an overall educational, beneficial experience.

I hope that this internship will allow me to connect with potential employers or graduate schools in the future, because I became very reaffirmed in the belief that this is what I want to go into, what I want to dedicate my life to.

Overall, I had an amazing summer, filled with work but also some play! I love the Research Triangle area and hope to return soon – maybe even live there post-graduation. Here’s to growth and a new year!

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