Identity In Law

The greatest part of my internship is that I know my own people are being helped by the defense attorneys and I am a part of that team. I am able to advocate for client’s through the small work I am allowed to do such as briefs. As a black woman in the city of Detroit I understand how terrifying it can be when having interactions with the law. Plenty of men and women come to the courthouse seeking justice and that’s exactly what the black attorneys I have interacted with have given them. I see myself in the people we represent and even more so they see themselves or their children in me and thats one of the greatest connections. My identity as a black woman has allowed me to adequately help the black men and women we represent as I understand the way in which they talk and live. My dream is to help defend and protect those who can not protect themselves. Through my internship I have had a chance to live out part of my dream and would love to continue doing it for the rest of my life. I love helping those who like myself are minorities and need to feel as though the justice system is fair and values everyone.

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