Internship Physical Place: Blog Post #2

It was my first official day at my internship on Monday May 21 after having met with my supervisor, Jerome, for about a half hour last Wednesday in the WDET greenroom. That meeting was concise and we probably covered everything we missed at the professional luncheon because he could not attend. I was surprised to find out Jerome is an alum of the Residential College, but now that I think about it that just makes sense. Also, his favorite color is yellow!

Anyways, today on my first day I did not do that much really. Jerome gave me a tour of the space which is about 1,500 square feet or so. It is surprising how much room there is considering it is in the back of Wayne State’s University Tower apartments. Regardless, one half of the space is dedicated to marketing and getting the money to run the radio station. The other half is all for content creation which is more fun I think! The studios they record in were filled with fancy looking audio equipment which I will learn how to use. Scary! But exciting!! There was also this large office room that formerly housed the Newsroom (the department I am in) but it is now empty and used as a quiet room. It is probably being under utilized…

I also met some of the fellow interns I will be working with. Jerome refers to us as the I-Team so I am looking forward to learning more about them, especially their names since I am so bad with them! Wow, I just realized I met nearly everyone that works at WDET–it must have been 20+ people. Yikes! That is gonna take a while to remember! Anyways, I mainly just acclimated to the space to get a feel for things. One of the other interns, Shannon I think, asked for my email so we could collaborate on a list of 20 things to do for Memorial Day weekend.

Oh, also while on the tour Jerome mentioned how Cass Corridor used to be the center for counter-culture. I feel like I have heard that before. And that this rebranding to “Midtown” is taking that away. I am not sure, but I will have to find out! I briefly remember this area looking more “rough” a few years ago when I would come down to visit my friend who went to Wayne and lived on Prentiss…

I will have to learn more about WDET and Cass Corridor and why/if WDET has always been here!

(initially written in journal on 5/21/2018)

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