Journey of Reckless Blog2

So a couple weeks ago I wrote a letter to the gun board for a felony firearm charge. The client was a first time offender and had improperly carried his weapon while operating a motor vehicle. Although he didn’t obey the law I still didn’t want a bad decision to determine his life and for him to always be seen as a felon. As it is very hard to gain employment and enjoy the pleasures of life with a felony. I looked into reckless driving which is a misdemeanor and thought that the way in which he did not properly restrain himself in the car and carried the weapon could be seen as reckless. In the MCL (Michigan laws) the word reckless is not clearly defined which means I was able to argue the definition of recklessness. I have now am aware that the client has gotten his charge reduced to a misdemeanor. I am really excited as I feel I have improved and helped someone’s life.

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